Meet Robert and Jane

Robert and Jane are in their late 30’s and have two young children. They live in the New England area, where Jane is in administration and Robert works very long hours commuting to and from work outside the region.

Where We Started

  • Robert and Jane were very keen to provide a good education for their children.
  • Robert had been working hard to earn an income to get ahead in life. They had managed to save a significant amount and wanted to invest and grow this. They were keen to ensure that they could protect the lifestyle they have created for themselves.
  • Managing debt and cash flow was important to them to ensure they were on the right path to pay off debt and afford their children’s education.
  • They were keen to ensure that they could spend quality time with each other and their children, and they wanted to achieve this by going on a holiday each year.

What We Did Together

Fundamentally important for Robert and Jane was getting their cash flow sorted.

  • We established a budget to monitor their spending and introduced them to a software solution to be able to compare their spending to their budget.
  • We showed them the benefit of paying off their personal loan with their savings and then using this surplus cash flow to pay off their mortgage.
  • We created a savings plan to fund Robert and Jane’s children’s school education.
  • We restructured their super to ensure it would be adequate in retirement.
  • We protected their lifestyle using personal insurances to ensure that life goes on if either parent is sick, injured or dies.
*This scenario is based on a real client situation, however names have been changed to protect privacy