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Empowering People; Experience the Difference


The most significant outcome of the retreat was determining the R&M Vision, along with the 4 Pillars that support that vision. While the key area of improvement for R&M currently is in the People, we are also introducing other areas of focus with associated action plans and milestones. People are the core of Roberts & Morrow, and the addition of the other areas will allow us to be more strategic in our approach to future success.

Each pillar has action items attached and champions to hold ourselves accountable to the progress. For example, the R&M People Pillar is all about the EVP: within our EVP sessions it was determined that Leadership Capacity, People and Culture will guide the further development in this area. There are action items in each third portion of the EVP Рwhich will be the specific steps we are taking as a Firm to get us to the next milestone of the People Pillar.


Roberts & Morrow Journey – June Leadership Retreat from Roberts and Morrow on Vimeo.

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The February Leadership Retreat


The first Leadership Retreat of 2020 was much different than that which Partners have attended in the past: there were no numbers, no laptops, no phones. Before the retreat, the Leadership Team was tasked with bringing along an object or image that represented “the greatest thing about Roberts & Morrow today”. Over the retreat, the group sat in a circles and experienced some vulnerable moments where they all worked on empathy and emotional skill development for becoming modern leaders.

Again, unlike in the past, we will be sharing some real examples of what takes place at the Leadership Retreats. See below for all that we had done at the first retreat of 2020:

The team were introduced upon arrival to the facilitator for the retreat, Shane Emms, who specialises in developing strong workplace culture and relationships and who will be guiding us all at Roberts & Morrow on the journey we will be embarking on together in 2020.

Shane guided the troupe through various exercises, creative dinners and introduced the Leaders and Employee Value Propositions (LVP & EVP). The Leadership team spent Friday and Saturday working with Shane on building and reflecting on the value propositions, which we will be sharing and developing further with the entire staff (see below for more details on what is to come).

The retreat also included fun activities for the Leaders to relax, get to know one another better, and share some meaningful conversations. There was wine, golfing, great dinners and socialising where some vulnerabilities were experienced as well.

SpongeBobby Leader Of Tomorrow


One of the tasks at the creative dinner was to break into teams and draw a picture of what the future leader of Roberts & Morrow looks like. While all teams came up with interesting and clever representations of the future leader of Roberts & Morrow, Sponge Bobbi was one of the best examples out of the group presentations.

Name Sponge Bobbi

DOB January 15, 1988

About me

  1. My name is Bobbi because I can be male or female.
  2. I am a sponge because I absorb everything around me.
  3. I am missing a piece out of left shoulder because I am not perfect.
  4. I have big eyes because I am a visionary.
  5. I have a big heart because I am empathetic.
  6. I have big ears because I am a good listener.
  7. I have a big smile because I try to always be positive, happy & approachable.
  8. I am holding a magnet because I am good at attracting stars.
  9. I am wearing Nike joggers so I can run towards the next opportunity.
  10. I am holding a mobile phone because I am up-to-date with technology and always contactable.